CIMI Energy – Solutions That Reduce Energy Costs & Environmental Impacts

CIMI Energy helps large companies and organizations reduce energy and water costs by 15-50%.  Through our partnerships, we offer innovative new technology solutions, and turnkey energy services agreements (ESAs) that stand out for their complete absence of the usual requirement for upfront capital*.

We’re talking about energy retrofits which add value to your organization through reduced operating costs, and lower environmental impacts.  Energy retrofits that can also increase reliability and comfort.

Typical customers are owners of large Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, and Institutional assets.  Examples include hospitals, hotels, colleges, universities, office, condo, and apartment buildings, casinos, factories, and warehouses.

Areas of Focus

CIMI Energy addresses all of the factors that drive your energy related costs:  fuel consumption (with solutions that increase efficiency),  demand charges (with peak load reduction solutions), and related costs such as maintenance, repair, and insurance (by bundling into the ESAs).

We concentrate on maximizing our value to you, by focusing on these areas:

1.  Energy Service Agreements that yield immediate OpEx savings.

2.  Product Solutions, such as CHP, IoT, energy storage, etc.

3.  Commissioning support and ongoing energy tracking

4.  Custom sustainability research and reports

Energy Service Agreements

Energy Service Agreements (ESAs) help organizations upgrade their energy assets and substantially reduce costs.  Reliability is also improved when the alternative, leaving older energy assets in place, begins to require costly unscheduled maintenance and repair.  The secondary costs associated with those breakdowns ripple through an entire organization.  Read more about ESA’s on our dedicated ESA page.

Energy-saving products and services

Energy-saving products and services can be applied in a variety of applications where energy related costs are significant. This not only applies to the high cost of consumed power or fuel, but also to high maintenance, high repair and high insurance costs for old, out-dated, and sometimes hazardous equipment. 

Commissioning Support and Performance Tracking

CIMI Energy provides commissioning support for energy efficiency projects, and ongoing metrics tracking suitable for benchmarking, daily/weekly/quarterly monitoring, and integration into financial reports, stakeholder reports, sustainability reports, etc.

Custom Research

Some organizations want to have a better understanding of their energy use in buildings, and how it stacks up against similar buildings. For these organizations, CIMI Energy offers custom research which can take a high-level overview, or focus on very specific energy (or water) uses. Results can take the form of written reports, custom presentations, and case studies written for various audiences such as customers, investors, and owners.

How we work

CIMI Energy is part of an experienced team of energy and financial solutions professionals. Our role on the team is on-point, to help identify organizations that can benefit from team services, and to engage with those organizations through a process where concepts and value are communicated.

We learn about an organization’s energy use related assets, as well as historical energy consumption. Our introductory research results in a preliminary assessment of energy-related building assets. Organization goals and objectives related to those assets are accounted for in the assessment. That preliminary assessment is presented to the team for evaluation.

If the team believes it has an opportunity to add value, the next step is to assign an engagement coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that next steps are carried out.

A site visit and proposal follow. The cost of a formal energy and equipment audit is bundled into the proposal. Proposed solutions may include new heating or cooling equipment, CHP (combined heat and power), indoor climate control,  lighting, windows, building controls, water use, and so on. In many cases, our innovative partners are able to provide 100% of the investment capital so that there’s no debt added to your balance sheet. Your organization is then free to deploy more of your capital on your mission.

CIMI Energy and our partners work with highly regarded product, engineering, installation, finance, and investment partners to achieve win-win results for everyone involved.

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*The absence of a requirement for upfront capital makes proceeding with an energy retrofit now possible. By acting now, your savings start to accumulate right away, an important point when considered in the context of the scale of savings.


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