Background & Vision

The CIMI Energy vision is to be a leader in sustainable, best-in-class, and cost effective energy solutions.  To achieve this goal, CIMI Energy teams with innovative leaders in environmentally sound products, services, and finance, and delivers the benefits of low cost (or NO cost), reliability and seamless execution to our customers.    – George Whiting, Principal


Saving money while also lowering impacts on the environment are objectives that motivate people.  Those are the driving motivations for customers of CIMI Energy, and EcoHeat Solutions, a Massachusetts-based company owned and operated by George Whiting since 2008.

EcoHeat Solutions is a niche business, selling and supporting sales of biomass equipment and services throughout North America. The CIMI Energy appeal is much broader, as prospective customers stand to benefit from a wider spectrum of solutions, including heating, cooling, refrigeration, power, and lighting, all with the possibility of zero capital requirements.  In both cases, CIMI Energy and EcoHeat Solutions customers benefit from a focus on low environmental impact, low operating costs, and high value.


CIMI Energy is accountable to our customers and our business partners.  Being accountable means that our process and recommendations must be clear, and result in a material benefit to an organization’s bottom line.  We must be detail oriented while still keeping an eye on the big picture.  Furthermore, any solutions stemming from our engagement must be planned and executed well, and any tangible assets deployed must be high quality, reliable, and long-lasting.  Our service partners must be professional and honest.

We recognize that our success clearly hinges on our ability to be a good solutions partner for our customers and business partners. Therefore, CIMI Energy pledges to be reliable and trustworthy in every one of our engagements. Please put us to the test.

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